How to properly use internal website links (Divi 3.0)

Have you ever had broken links after moving your from one domain to another? This tutorial will show you how to make sure this never happens again.





What is the Divi theme?

The is a WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes. It’s unlike your typical theme though which can only create one style of website. Divi is almost endlessly customisable which means you can create two sites that look completely different, all with the same theme. Due to this high level of customisation it is quickly becoming one of the best themes on the market.

Where can you buy Divi theme?

You can buy Divi from the Elegant Themes website.

How much does Divi cost?

The theme costs $69 per year. This is slightly more expensive than other themes, BUT this license allows you to create unlimited websites! So if you’re a web designer making for clients, instead of having to buy a license every time you only need to buy this once a year. This can result in some huge savings, especially if you’re making sites around the $500, where 10% of your revenue goes to theme licenses every time.

What is the Divi Coach?

As the theme has such a high level of customisation, it can be a bit daunting for people who are used to creating website with much simpler WordPress themes. This is where the Divi Coach comes in. We have created a series of beginner videos and blog posts to help you your way around Divi and create the website you want to create! Our is constantly updating, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and be informed every time we create a new tutorial.

How much does the Divi coach cost?

It is completely !!

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