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Internal Links Webinar for SEMRush

5:08 What exactly do we mean by internal linking? Do we mean linking internally on your site or are we going to discuss linking from an outside source TO an page?
5:41 How does PageRank flow through a site?
7:10 Is there an upper limit to the number of times you should use a given keyword in a 2k word article? 

8:52 What happens when a site has a flat structure for navigation and basically to every page from every page? How does this impact the site overall?

10:10 Should you repeat the navigation from the header to the footer? 

12:19 Should you nofollow links to less interesting
13:22 If you have multiple pages covering the same or similar topics, should you internally to all of them equally or prioritize the links?
17:00 Should you nofollow links to page like the Contact Us, privacy, etc? 
19:10 How can we best use to improve rankings and traffic for internal pages?
21:12 How many internal links are too many? There are case studies where people saw an increase in their after reducing internal links (especially from footer) on the website.
23:58 Can too many internal links confuse Google?
25:36 What are some things to consider when building an internal link? , PA of the URL you are linking from, user intent, call to action link, and other factors
26:50 Can you have multiple links to a page from the same page?
28:10 In terms of inter linking on a multi-language website. Is it worth it for the user? And ?
32:31 What are some tools you can use when mapping your internal links? – I love to know the answer of these… I personally use Screaming from and Open ’s top pages. There’s also Sitebulb.
34:45 What are some of the most common issues you find?
36:29 Is it bad to still link to old pages?

37:04 Can you get a penalty by doing too internal linking much?

38:35 How many times should you use the same keywords internally?

40:10 What do you think of obfuscating internal links that make sense to a user but not Google?

40:54Whenever you create a new page, at a minimum from which pages should you link it? Home page, sitemap, links page, etc.
43:11 Is internal link whitehat?

45:04 Should you use breadcrumbs?

45:20 How can you make sure you’re not overoptimizing keywords for internal linking within a site?

47:12 Do you think designers downplay the importance of making sure visually impaired users are presented with relevant and descriptive anchor text for internal links? If they are using a screen reader, for example, they may not click on a link where the anchor is something that doesn’t make sense to them (maybe a noise anchor) but it might be “good” for SEO, for example.
48:39 When considering anchors for internal links what else should you do on the target page to ensure that it’s all properly optimized and relevant/not spammy?
50:55 What are your top 5 tips for internal linking?
54:02 Does overoptimization of internal anchors work well even if it’s not the best idea?
55:46 Internal links, anchor text, and priorities: there’s an endless amount of work to be done on sites by people who know how to build them or improve them in ways that help grow a business. That work will never end, so how would you prioritize a project of: fixing broken internal links, rewriting anchor text that’s more relatable to your audience’s intent, and then choosing new internal links to carry more people to a higher converting page?
58:35 How can you convince a client of the importance of internal link optimization?
1:00:00 Are sites still using footer links for internal linking?

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